mina is an artist whose reputation has steadily amplified thanks to two acclaimed eps for portuguese label enchufada and her debut album “flight paths” which was released on her new label earth kicks and featuring a host of collaborators from all over the world. influenced by her love of afrobeats, dancehall and uk funky, mina’s vibrant and melodic tracks fuse together all kinds of syncopated rhythms from around the world. outside of the uk mina has collaborated with brazilian artists jlz and lyzza, and ghanaian mc bryte, who she tours internationally with.

in august 2017 mina recorded one of the most popular boiler room sessions of the year, with the video streamed in excess of 1 million times, and she has performed at high profile international venues and festivals such as berghain, moma ps1, nyege nyege and primavera. mina has garnered consistent praise from the likes of branko, toddla t and jamz supernova, serving only to further confirm her status as one of the uk’s most exciting talents.

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boiler room (2019)
boiler room (2017)
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